Biomethane/ RNG as Fuel

Biogas processed into renewable natural gas (RNG) can be used as CNG or LNG in all gas vehicles that are already available. This type of internal combustion engine works similarly to a classic gasoline engine, but the CO2 emissions by using biomethane are 3.5 times lower than by using diesel as fuel.

Hardly any Fine Dust and Less Noise Pollution

In addition to the low greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, which have been proven in numerous studies, up to 90 percent less fine dust is released in vehicles with biomethane drives and noise pollution is also reduced by up to 50 percent. This is particularly important in city traffic and this makes RNG as CNG or LNG an attractive fuel for buses and delivery traffic.

Biomethane/ RNG is the Most Economical Type of Drive

In terms of costs, biomethane also dominates compared to other alternative drives, such as electric or hydrogen. If you compare the costs according to the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) method, which includes all costs incurred for acquisition and use over the entire service life, RNG-powered cars and trucks are the cheapest vehicles - only diesel and natural gas drives are a little cheaper. However, when environmental costs are taken into account, biomethane is clearly the most economical type of drive.

GHG Reduction Rate

Depending on the input material, biomethane can have a negative GHG balance according to the European RED II. This makes the renewable natural gas ideal for oil companies to meet the quota for reducing greenhouse emissions. The WELTEC Group has certified biomethane, which is available German- and Europeawide via the gas network.

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