Wollup Biogas Plant

The biogas plant in Wollup was put into operation in 2012. In 2016, the plant went bankrupt and was brought back to a profitable state after the takeover of WELTEC in autumn 2018. The AD plant has a total output of 2.6 megawatt. A 600 kilowatt CHP is located directly on the plant site. A 2.0 megawatt CHP is at a neighboring horticultural company that is specialized in tomatoes and has a high heat demand.

Facts & Figures

Commissioning: 2012
Takeover by WELTEC: October 2018
Digester: 2x 2.000m³
Storage tank: 1x 4.000m³ + 1x 6.000m³
Capacity: 2,6 MW
Substrate: renewable materials and chicken litter

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