Heat supply for a residential complex

The residential park in Worms is only a few minutes' walk from the city centre, and yet the flats and detached houses are heated with energy from renewable raw materials. The developer already thought about this in the planning phase in order to enable the later owners to have the lowest possible energy costs. Thus, not only were the new buildings effectively insulated, but an innovative heat supply was also provided by decentralised combined heat and power units (CHP). These CHP units are located in a multifunctional building, are fed with bio natural gas and supply 875 households, a school and a sports hall with green heat. To guarantee full heat supply at all times, a gas boiler and a wood pellet heating system were also installed.

Facts & Figures

Start of heat supply: January 2012
Duration: 12 years
Annual heat production: 3.5 million kWh

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