Eggolsheim Biomethane Refinery

The plant in Eggolsheim (Bavaria) was built in 2011 and commissioned in 2013. After the ownership changed in the summer of 2021, the WELTEC Group took over the technical and commercial management.

The plant produces 350 standard cubic meters of biomethane per hour from renewable raw materials. In order to efficiently process the biogas to natural gas quality, a pressure swing adsorption technology is used. An additional 800-kilowatt CHP unit is located directly on the plant site to cover the plant's own heat requirements.

Facts & Figures

Start of building: 2011
Commissioning: 2013
Production of raw biogas: 350 Nm³/h
Heat supply: BHKW (800kW installed capacity)
Tanks: 1x Pre-storage tank, 2x Digester, 1x Post Digester, 2x Storage tank
Storage tank: 6x 5.000m³
Substrates: ca. 37.000t/a (Maize, grass silage, whole crop silage, sugar millet, HTK)
Kind of upgrading: Pressure swing adsorption

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