Certified Biomethane Directly from the Producer

At our WELTEC sites throughout Germany, we produce biomethane from renewable raw materials. By way of the gas grid, this audited and certified green energy source is everywhere available. We offer our biomethane in different grades with certificate of origin for all utilisation purposes. Our biomethane is suitable for heat and power generation and as fuel for natural gas-powered vehicles.

No Intermediaries

We are in direct contact with our customers and sell our biomethane without any intermediaries. In this way, you have access to a single contact who takes care of everything. Benefit from our short reaction and delivery times – the green energy source travels directly from the producer to the consumer without any detours.

Flexible Gas Supply

Nordmethan values long-term business relationships. We make sure that we can always supply our customers with the agreed biomethane quantities and grades. As a biomethane producer and reseller, we are also able to react flexibly to short-term spot delivery requests.

Public and Private Sectors

Customers from diverse application areas benefit from the advantages of our offerings. Our range of customers includes municipal utility providers, energy suppliers, CHP plant operators and petrol stations. We have suitable needs-oriented packages for all public and private sectors. Help to protect the environment with our climate-neutral biomethane products!

Balancing Group Management

In collaboration with our partners, we cover all levels of feed-in, biomethane transport and balancing. With our balancing group management, we precisely keep record of the capacity you procure and feed in. Apart from the certificates of origin, this is a key precondition for receiving compensation, e.g. according to the German Renewable Energies Act (EEG) or for eligibility under the German Renewable Energies Heat Act (EEWärmeG).

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