Barsikow Biomethane Refinery

The biomethane refinery in Barsikow, Brandenburg, Germany, went live in late 2011. The plant produces about 1,500 standard m³ of raw biogas an hour. About 500 standard m³ are produced for the heat required for the plant, i.e. the needed process heat is produced from regenerative sources. Of the remaining 1,000 m³, 520 standard m³ of biomethane are produced and fed into the natural gas network. This annual amount of energy is sufficient to supply 3,000 four-person households with power or about 3,000 cars with an annual mileage of 30,000 kilometres.

Facts & Figures

Start of building: November 2009
Commissioning: October 2011
Production of raw biogas: 11,8 Mio. Nm³/a
Heat supply: Microturbines (3x200kWel.)
Digester: 3x 3.500m³
Secondary digester: 1x 3.500m³
Storage tank: 3x 4.600m³
Substrates: 40.000t/a (Maize, whole plant silage, cereals)
Kind of processing: Amine gas treatment

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