The startup of the biogas plant and the first weeks of the plan operation are critical moments for the biological process. At this stage, WELTEC BIOPOWER supports the operator with various measures in order to ensure success. After all, an efficient digestion process is vital to ensure maximum plant capacity utilisation.

We conduct frequent analyses of the digestion substrate. Based on these analyses, our biological service can quickly identify negative developments and take action to ensure formation of a stable strain of bacteria.

Plant Startup Services

Adjustment of the Substrate Mix

  • Substrate consulting
  • Utilisation limits

Monitoring or Takeover of the Startup Process

  • Suitability checks
  • Provision of inoculum cultures
  • On-site guidance
  • Intensive support by phone

Lab Analyses

  • Frequent analyses of key parameters
  • Special, problem-specific analyses
  • Control of the stable process

Operator Training

  • Systematic preparation for the daily plant operation
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