Project Phase

A reliable yield estimate is an important aspect in the planning phase. Maximum yield can only be reached with realistic data. In view of the more than 300 plants that it has planned and set up so far, WELTEC BIOPOWER is a competent partner is this area.

The biological service helps our customers even before the plant goes live. Potential substrates are analysed, and difficult substrates or unusual input mixes are examined for their gas yield. This is done either by means of the Weende feed analysis or a digestion experiment in a mini digester over several weeks.

Based on these results, our team of biologists and engineers calculates the ideal substrate mix, retention time, plant design and said yield estimate.

Overview of Our Services

Substrate Analyses

  • Lab analyses
  • Weende feed analysis
  • Digestion experiments
  • Inhibitor tests

Determination of the Input Mix

  • Evaluation of individual substrate compositions


  • Retention time
  • Volumetric loading
  • Degree of degradation
  • Space-time yield

Feasibility Studies

  • Analysis of the results
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