How can biogas be utilised?

Biogas is a real allrounder and with its multitude of utilisation options, it is the only renewable energy source that is flexibly utilisable.


Electricity is generated either through the burning of biogas at the CHP or through the utilisation of pre-processed biogas, the so-called biomethane. Biomethane is available everywhere through the natural gas grid.


When power is generated at a CHP, heat is created. This heat can be used for the heating of buildings, swimming pools or for drying wood. With an intelligent heat utilisation concept, the efficiency of the biogas plant is considerably increased.


Through various methods, biogas can be cleaned from the undesirable components and be fed into the natural gas grid as biomethane or also as so-called bio natural gas.


Biomethane as fuel provides a very high CO2 savings potential. With the additional of biomethane to natural gas, the CO2 output can be lowered considerably in comparison to gasoline. The biomethane of one hectare of corn permits a car to drive approx. 60,000 km.

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