Plant Control

The control is the plant's "brain" that monitors and steers all key processes.

Therefore, smooth operation of the control system is vital. Good to know that with the control service of WELTEC BIOPOWER and the active failure management, you are always on the safe side!

In the event of malfunction, the operator is informed by text message and can promptly react. Minor problems can be identified and quickly eliminated directly via plant dial-in, e.g. using a smartphone.

In the case of more extensive problems, our experts are available around the clock. To restore normal operation, we have immediate remote monitoring access to your plant. Furthermore, our team can visit the site very quickly in the case of emergencies in order to ensure continued operation of your plant without delay.

Plant Control Services

  • Online remote monitoring
  • All types of electronic repairs
  • Software solutions
  • Preventive maintenance
  • Preparation of consumption analyses
  • Energy plant inspection with thermal imaging
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