Which substrates can be used?

For the generation of biogas, a multitude of organic substrates can be used. In the decision for or against certain substrates, the individual circumstances have to be taken into consideration. But the biogas yield of the different substances, which is decisive for the efficiency of the biogas plant, also has to be taken into consideration. Our employees are looking forward to providing you with advice regarding the optimal composition of your formula. At our own laboratory we can furthermore accurately determine the methane content of your substrates.

Below, you will find some substrates that our customers are already using successfully:

Agricultural Products

  • Farm manure: e.g., cow manure, pig manure, poultry droppings, dung
  • Renewable resources: e.g., corn, whole crop silage, grass, grains, beets
  • Agricultural by-products: e.g., beet leafs, harvest residues

Industrial Waste

  • Wastes of plant origin: e.g., contents of the biowaste bin, food remnants, fryer grease, slop/silage, draff/marc, pressed beet slices, potato peelings, grass clippings
  • Wastes of animal origin: e.g., fat, animal blood, gastro-intestinal contents, slaughter waste
  • Other substrates: e.g., sewage sludge
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