Ebsdorfergrund Biomethane Refinery

Since late 2012, the biomethane plant in Ebsdorfergrund, Hesse, has supplied the public grid with gas. The plant produces 1,000 standard m³ of raw biogas an hour and efficiently conditions it to 550 standard m³ of natural gas-grade biomethane. To efficiently process the biogas to natural gas grade, reliable process technology is vital. The chemical amine treatment as applied in Ebsdorfergrund chemically binds the carbon dioxide contained in the biogas to the scrubbing agent amine. In this way, the methane content in the biogas is increased. By way of the public natural gas grid, the green energy source is made available throughout Germany.

Facts & Figures

Start of building: March 2011
Commissioning: December 2012
Production of raw biogas: 7,8 Mio. Nm³/a
Content of methane (CH4): >99%
Heat supply: Biogas boiler + Wood chipping plant
Digester: 3x 3.140m³
Storage tank: 3x 4.400m³
Substrates: 39.000t/a (Maize, whole crop silage, cereals, slurry)
Kind of processing: Amin gas treatment

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