Heat supply for a vegetable gardener

The year 2012 was an important year for the Niemöller family's vegetable farm in Visbek (Lower Saxony). The greenhouse area for growing tomatoes and cucumbers was expanded by 9,000m² to a total of 28,000m². At the same time, a biomethane CHP was installed on the premises to generate heat for the farm. The fixed energy price ensures a high degree of planning security for the company. A woodchip heating system was put into operation as early as 2008. This means that almost 100% of the energy required can be generated from renewable sources. In addition, the CO2 from the combustion plants is used to fertilise the plants, because CO2 is an important component of photosynthesis. All this is reason enough to receive the Taspo Award in the category "Best Concept Energy and Environment" in 2013.

Facts & Figures

Start of heat supply: March 2012
Duration: 12 years
Capacity of the CHP: 450kW thermal

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