Mechanical Services

A biogas plant consists of many tried-and-tested components, all of which are necessary for the smooth operation of the plant. Critical malfunction can occur if plant components are not maintained and serviced in accordance with the mechanical strain they are exposed to. WELTEC BIOPOWER offers repair, maintenance and new installation of all kinds of components.

Services for Mechanical Parts

  • Inspection and maintenance of solids input systems and liquid input systems
  • Maintenance, repair and replacement of progressive cavity pumps and lobe pumps
  • Inspection, repair, general overhaul and replacement of mixers
  • Inspection and repair of gate valves of gas and substrate pipes
  • Roofs: Replacement, opening of tanks by removing the roof, inspection of the inflation fan and low/high pressure control
  • Maintenance and repair of all components according to the manufacturer's servicing schedule
  • Pipe inspection with camera
  • Inspection and repair of compressors and flare stacks
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