Industrial waste management

Precious waste

The waste industry is moving increasingly towards becoming a raw material industry. The days when bio-wastes were just dumped in landfills are long gone. The tremendous utility posed by wastes in terms of energy is being recognised more and more. Likewise, the waste products of other areas also represent important energy carriers

  • Bio-waste containers
  • Leftovers from restaurants and food establishments
  • Fats and oils from commercial food establishments
  • Oils from the cosmetics industry
  • Production waste from industrial food processors
  • Animal carcasses and products of the EU category 2 & 3

Producing tomorrow's energy

WELTEC BIOPOWER offers its technically mature expertise for utilising organic wastes. With customised technical layout and biological dimensioning of biogas plants, WELTEC realises concepts world-wide for waste management. Packaged wastes hardly even represent an obstacle nowadays, just like pasteurisation or purification of substrates.

Concepts for Waste-to-Energy plants

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