Südergellersen Biogas Plant

The original plant was built in 2009 and expanded in 2014. The concept was based on digestion of horse manure and selling the digestate as pelletized fertilizer. However, the concept turned out to be technically very difficult and uneconomical, so that the plant went bankrupt. With the takeover by WELTEC in 2018, the plant technology was modernized and the use of substrates revised. Today horse manure is no longer used.

The substrates come from a radius of 15 kilometers. The biogas produced is used to operate two combined heat and power units (CHP), each with an electrical output of 1.1 megawatts. WELTEC feeds the electricity into the public power grid. Part of the heat from the CHP unit is used to dry the digestate.

Facts & Figures

Commissioning: 2009, Extension in 2014
Takeover by WELTEC: August 2018
Pre-storag tank: 800m³
Digester: 2x 3.000m³
Storage tank: 2x 2.400m³
Capacity: 2x 1,1 MW elektr.
Substrate: renewable materials and chicken litter

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