Benefits of Biomethane

Biomethane has major economic and ecological advantages. The carbon dioxide released during the biomethane production does not originate from fossil reserves, but was previously captured from the atmosphere. Therefore, the production is carbon-neutral.

Moreover, biogas and biomethane can be used in various ways and are capable of being stored. Thus, biogas is far superior to other renewable energies. What is more, biogas plant can generate energy continually, regardless of sunshine, wind and water.

Good Reasons for Biomethane

1. Biomethane makes our energy generation more reliable
2. Biomethane delivers both power and heat
3. Biomethane can be used instead of natural gas
4. Biomethane can be used as fuel
5. Biomethane is good for our climate and saves carbon dioxide
6. Organic waste is put to use instead of simply being disposed of
7. Biogas digestate can be used instead of mineral fertiliser
8. Biogas plants are suitable for deployment in the fields of industry and agriculture
9. Biogas strengthens rural areas and creates jobs

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