Potato Processing Industry

Sustainable energy generation from potato leftovers

Enormous amounts of organic waste are generated in vegetable-processing food production. Only in Europe the amount is over 30 million tons annually. The majority of the residues are caused in the potato industry. This generation of peeling waste, rejects, fats and sludges is a disposal problem because the quantities are often only seasonal and spoil easily. In addition, not all disposal methods are inexpensive and environmentally friendly.

The price pressure in the food industry is high and the margins are low. To make matters worse, the pressure of the consumers to produce sustainably increases steadily. However, in this area of conflict there is an optimal win-win solution that benefits all players and at the same time reconciles profitability and environmental responsibility.

We convert your waste to energy

Potato leftovers, peels, starch, pulp, fat and waste sludge from potato processing are highly suitable for generating energy. The production leftovers represent inexpensive input substances from which biogas or biomethane can be gained in a digestion system made by WELTEC BIOPOWER. A biogas plant gives you access to a profitable business field with low operating costs and enables you to cut energy costs and save carbon taxes. Furthermore, the reduced greenhouse emissions assist you in reaching your sustainability and climate goals.


Plant concepts for Waste-to-Energy plants

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