From farmer to energy farmer

Nowadays it has become more important than ever before for farmers to ensure that their operations are as flexible as possible. By-products from crop farming as well as dung and liquid manure from hog, poultry or cattle husbandry can be utilised to generate energy before they are then implemented fertiliser. Farmers can tap a lucrative business segment by operating a biogas plant.

Possible substrates include:

  • Manure and slurry
  • Grass
  • Sugar beets
  • Rye green
  • Maize
  • Landscaping materials
  • Elephant grass

Boosting your output

WELTEC BIOPOWER is a strong, reliable partner for farmers in this regard. Matched to the respective underlying requirements of your operation, the quality of the components ensures success. Regardless of where the project takes you, WELTEC is there in any case to provide you with technology and equipment that is viable for the future.

Concepts for plants with renewable raw material
Concepts for plants with slurry and manure

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