MULTIMix liquid input system

Using grass silage, whole-plant silage, and manure for biogas production causes problems with entry. In addition, contaminants such as stones or metals often enter the entry system, which can damage components.

With the MULTIMix, WELTEC BIOPOWER offers a unique system that removes foreign materials before being conveyed to the pump. Besides, the system shreds the substrates to a suitable size for the bacteria. The MULTIMix thus ensures the technical and economic stability of biogas plants by preventing failures and thus ensuring an uninterrupted process of digestion of the substrates used.

Your advantages

  • Processes fibrous, sticky and soft substrates (up to a high percentage)
  • Bacteria-oriented substrate shredding for immediate biogas production
  • Loading of the digester with homogeneous, mashed bio-suspension
  • Minimises the risk of floating and sediment layers
  • Energy efficiency through reduction of agitation work and significant increase in the pump‘s typical service life
  • Unique feature of MULTIMix: Reliable foreign matter separation upstream of the pumps reduces wear and tear
  • Several digesters can be fed with only one MULTIMix
  • Can be retrofitted
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