Mission Statement

WELTEC BIOPOWER plans, sells, supplies, and erects plants to recover energy from organic substances made of a unique material: stainless steel.

Stainless steel stands for durability, purity, sustainability, and stability, thus for exceptionally high quality.

For us, stainless steel has become a symbol of the extraordinary quality of our plants and services, and it means for us:

The customer

The customer and his requirements are the focus of our actions and set the standards for the quality of our products and services.

To ensure continuous customer satisfaction, we have developed and implemented a quality and environmental management system whose effectiveness we are constantly improving in cooperation with our customers.


Inventiveness, freedom, motivation, high self-responsibility, and team spirit of our employees are the basis of our quality.

External requirements

We protect body and soul, considering all relevant standards and regulations.


Our processes are effective, efficient, and transparent. Responsibilities are clearly defined.


WELTEC BIOPOWER's product is innovative, high-quality, operationally reliable, and sustainably economical.


As a leading plant manufacturer, WELTEC BIOPOWER implements solutions worldwide for the energetic use of organic materials today and in the future.


By planning and building biogas plants, WELTEC BIOPOWER is active in regenerative energies and thus assumes responsibility for the next generations.

Our goal is to protect the resources in the value chain and to be able to offer our customers a lucrative overall concept.

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