Acquisition of Plants

The WELTEC Group continually expands its portfolio by acquiring biogas and biomethane/RNG plants. We focus on energy plants throughout Germany and Europe.

Securing the plant operation

As a strategically oriented business, we attach great importance to the continuation of the plant operation and the long-term use of the location. Moreover, we are interested in retaining jobs and substrate supply contracts.

Expertise and Capital Strength

Sustainable, individual concepts need to be elaborated for the efficient modernisation of outdated plants that are taken over. This requires profound expertise and a lot of experience. In this area, we benefit from the strength and know-how of our group of companies. Furthermore, we have the needed financial strength to acquire plants.

Plants wanted

In order to expand the plant portfolio in Germany, we are primarily looking for biogas and biomethane plants from 2 MW. Smaller systems from 500 kW and plants outside of Germany (Europe) are just as interesting for us. We are not limited to specific equipment manufacturers or technologies.

Benefits for everyone involved

We have developed from a biogas pioneer to a market leader and have experience in all areas of the value chain. This expertise is crucial for the precise evaluation of new biogas projects and can ensure stable cash flows.

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