Könnern Biomethane Refinery

The Könnern industrial zone between Magdeburg and Halle, Germany, is home to one of the world's largest biogas parks with gas feed-in. The biogas park consists of four modules, each of which comprises four digesters, four digestate storage tank and a slurry storage as well as a technical building with a separator, a central pump unit and a compressor for the biogas. The bundling of the technology in modules creates synergies and boosts the efficiency. The demand for fresh matter, which amounts to approximately 120,000 t a year, is supplied by about 30 farmers in a vicinity of approximately 15 kilometres and can be stored on site on a paved storage platform with a total area of 2,7 hectares.

Facts & Figures

Start of building: July 2008
Commissioning: September 2009
Production of raw biogas: 28,8 Mio. Nm³/a
Heat supply: Gas boiler (natural and bio gas) +  wood chip plant
Pre-storag tank: 4x 500m³
Digester: 16x 3.500m³
Secondary digester: 4x 3.500m³
Storage tank: 16x 4.600m³
Technical building: 4 buildings with seperation, controll unit, pump station and gas compressor
Substrates: 120.000t/a (Maize, whole crop silage, cereals, sugar beets residues)
Kind of processing: Amin gas treatment

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