Plant Operation

To boost the yield and to ensure maximum capacity utilisation of the plant are the main objectives of a plant operator. The biological service of WELTEC BIOPOWER makes sure that the biological process makes a significant contribution to the plant's success. Therefore, we offer an extensive analysis and consulting portfolio in the form of service packages as well as individual additional analyses.

In many cases, lab analyses form the basis for the further procedure, i.e. the process check, a substrate change or the search for inhibitors. Without analysing the data, it is virtually impossible to draw conclusions. Therefore, we do not merely send you the results, but include our evaluation or discuss the data with you personally.

In cases of emergency, we can conduct numerous analyses within a few hours. Our competent biologists are ready to provide assistance via our 24/7 hotline. However, biological supervision by WELTEC should not be sought only when problems occur. We strive to take measures to ensure and increase the plant efficiency and avoid plant downtimes.

Our Services

Process Monitoring

  • Process data maintenance
  • Monthly analyses

Substrate Mix Optimisation

  • Assessment of input substances
  • Substrate consulting
  • Feed change

Sample Management

  • Preparation of a sampling schedule
  • Provision of sample bottles
  • Delivery of the analysis results

Personal Troubleshooting

  • Plant surveys
  • 24/7 consulting hotline
  • Expedited sample analysis

Lab Analyses

  • We perform all common analyses

Process Aids

  • Trace nutrients
  • Iron hydroxide
  • Enzymes
  • Sodium bicarbonate
  • Bentonit
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