Falkenhagen Biogas Park

The plant in the district of Prignitz was established in 2007 and went live in 2008. In January 2016, the plant was taken over by WELTEC. By means of renovation investments totalling about €2 million, WELTEC re-enabled profitable operation. Among other things, the restructuring measures comprised the replacement of all solid matter input systems and a general overhaul of the six CHP plants. The modernisation measures provided for replacement of all tank roofs and servicing and replacement of the mixer technology if necessary. Moreover, the pumps were replaced, the control technology was modernised, and the three dryers were repaired. In summer 2016, the plant successively went online. In December 2016, the plant reached a total electrical output of 3.3 MW.

Facts & Figures

Start of building: 2007
Commissioning: 2008
Takeover by WELTEC: January 2016
Total capacity: 3,3 MW (produced by 5 CHP)
Digester: 5 x
Post Digester: 5 x
Storage tank: 5 x
Substrates: Maize and pig slurry

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