WELTEC BIOPOWER with Agripower France at the Expo Biogaz in Strasbourg

Small-scale plant concept from WELTEC offers entry into self-sufficiency

From June 7 to 8, WELTEC BIOPOWER and its long-term partner Agripower France will exhibit their technologies for biogas and biomethane plants at the leading trade fair Expo Biogaz. At their booth 1B03, in the Strasbourg Exhibition Center, the biogas specialists will present their process technology for the construction and expansion of decentralized digestion plants to visitors from industry, municipalities and agriculture.
The leading French trade fair for the biogas sector comes at the right time because the need for investment in the French market is currently high. On the one hand, France wants to continue to consistently reduce its dependence on Russian energy. On the other hand, the French have set themselves the ambitious goal of achieving climate neutrality by 2050 as part of the European Green Deal. To achieve this, they are also aiming to expand their biogas and biomethane plants.
To accelerate this growth, the Law on Accelerating the Production of Renewable Energies (Loi relative à l‘accélération de la production d‘énergies renouvelables) was promulgated on March 10, 2023. The switch is intended to reduce energy imports, reduce energy-related emissions, and promote security of supply and technological innovation.
„To reduce imports and greenhouse gases, our joint biogas and biomethane projects in France are already contributing,“ reports Alain Priser, who is responsible for the French market at WELTEC. The anaerobic digestion plants are fed with very different feedstock mixtures from regional waste and by-products from the agricultural and food industries. Moreover, in many plants the waste heat is decoupled for heating and as process heat. The use of these intelligent cycles also ensures a high level of acceptance among the population.
With „MINIFerm“, WELTEC is complementing its portfolio of new plants with a small plant concept with which smaller, agricultural businesses but also medium-sized industrial companies can enter into self-supply. The 50 to 80 kilowatt plants offer a compact, economical solution for converting even small quantities of pumpable substrates into electricity and heat in an uncomplicated manner.
Given the current challenges, the cooperation between WELTEC BIOPOWER and Agripower France offers good conditions. „Our team has a lot of experience in dealing with the different requirements in each case and designs the plants individually from a technical point of view. The mix of proven plant technology and a strong partnership ensures safety, efficiency and economic stability for customers and investors,“ underlines Alain Priser. Visitors can obtain further information on the plants and technologies at Expo Biogaz from June 7 to 08, 2023, at booth 1B 03, in the Strasbourg Exhibition Center.

Time lapse of the construction of a small biogas plant in France:

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