Plant Manufacturer WELTEC BIOPOWER cooperates with Energía Visible

Colombia's Agricultural Industry has Great Potential for Biogas Production

Since the beginning of 2021, the German biogas plant manufacturer WELTEC BIOPOWER has a partnership in Colombia with Energía Visible from Medellín. The common goal is to promote the expansion of renewable energies with the construction of efficient biogas plants. The South American country wants to be climate-neutral by 2050. This should be achieved through the consistent energetic use of the existing biomass potential from the agricultural industry.

WELTEC BIOPOWER already successfully entered the market four years ago. In 2017, an 800 kilowatt biogas plant for Colombia's largest egg producer, Incubadora Santander, went online. Since then, the egg company has continuously invested in sustainable growth and currently has a daily output of four million eggs. In 2018, the poultry farmer even received the carbon neutral seal for its environmentally conscious production. One reason: Incubadora Santander generates green energy on the basis of residues such as chicken manure and at the same time improves its soil quality with the resulting fertilizer.

"This project shows unprecedented that biogas production is perfectly suited for companies in the agricultural sector, since the energy-rich residues are already available at low cost," explains Felipe Rengifo, director commercial at Energía Visible. The success of the biogas plant Caloto, Cauca, is also demonstrated by the award from the British biogas association ADBA. In 2017 the Colombian project won the prestigious ADBA award in the category “Best International Agricultural Project”. “The high quality and hygiene requirements, which are very important in the South American agricultural industry, were explicitly decisive for the award”, explains Thomas Sextro, the responsible WELTEC sales manager.

In addition to the new sales partnership with Energía Visible from Medellín and the decades of experience of the German technology supplier, the efforts of the Colombian government are also positive for agricultural and waste companies. The government aims to create a legal framework for integrated waste management in the agricultural sector in order to meet international commitments on climate change.

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