Biogas Specialist WELTEC BIOPOWER Takes Over Operations of AD AGRO

Reinforced Market Position, Continued Growth

With immediate effect, the operations of the biogas plant manufacturer AD AGRO have continued under the umbrella of the WELTEC Group in Germany. "Through the merger of the business fields of AD AGRO and WELTEC, we establish promising synergies in the entire value chain of biogas and biomethane", explains Jens Albartus, Director of the biogas specialist WELTEC BIOPOWER.

"AD AGRO was faced with the decision of implementing a suitable succession strategy. The goal was to perpetuate the successful use of the expertise and experience gained in almost 200 biogas projects. The profile of AD AGRO fitted snugly in WELTEC BIOPOWER's spectrum of products and services", explains Uwe Heider, Managing Partner of AD AGRO.

"Both companies are specialised in custom-tailored, technically mature plants. Thus, this step drives the expansion of our market position and our growth", underlines Albartus. He continues: "In this connection, we are happy to join forces with Mr Heider, a market expert who will henceforth perform sales activities for WELTEC."

AD AGRO had been established as BD Agro Renewables by the Big Dutchman Group in May 2006. In the context of a management buy-out, the business was taken over by its Director Uwe Heider as of 1 October 2012 and continued to operate under the name "AD AGRO systems GmbH & Co. KG".

"We guarantee AD AGRO customers continuity in the business relationship, and with our WELTEC Group, we will be able to offer an even broader range of products and services. Our team of process engineers, biologists, service engineers and other specialists boasts a wealth of experience gained in more than 350 biogas plants that we have planned and built", says Albartus, drawing attention to the benefits of bundling the businesses.

Expressing his confidence that by means of the takeover, WELTEC will further expand its international market position, he adds: "In the coming years, the biogas landscape will change and play an even more important role in reducing carbon emissions. Our positioning enables us to effectively take part in this process.

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